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Rock climbing is my passion, so when my friends suggested a new crag, I was all in. The climb seemed straightforward, a chance to focus on technique. But as I reached for a hold, it crumbled, and I swung out into open air. Heart racing, I slammed back into the rock face, thanks to Robert, my belayer, I didn’t fall the 35 feet.


My shoulder ached from the crash, and though I knew it likely wasn’t broken, the pain made me abort the climb. Frustrated, I descended. 

I heard about HyperCharge Clinic. Desperate for relief, I gave it a shot. The treatments were surprisingly relaxing, and over a few sessions, I felt the pain ease and the bruising fade. HyperCharge Clinic became my recovery secret weapon. While setbacks slow me down, they won’t stop me. I’ll be back on the rock face soon, conquering new heights.

Back on My Feet
Beyond The Stiffness
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