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At Hypercharge Clinic™, we believe that the key to performance, recovery, and longevity lies at the cellular and, more specifically, at the mitochondrial levels. Mitochondrial targeting is the future of medicine.

Cellular Rejuvenation. Custom Energy & Wellness. Athletic Recovery & Performance. Elevate Brain Health. Post-Surgical Recovery. Performance Redefined for Busy People. Injury Management & Rehabilitation. Migraine Management. Transform Pain Management. Sleep Enhancement. Chronic Disease Management. Post-Covid Management. Mental Health/Clarity. Muscle Health. Back Pain Relief. Reduced Inflammation. Joint Pain Relief.

Imagine harnessing the power of life’s ancient cellular machinery to supercharge your health. No longer a thing of science fiction but reality, HyperCharge™ Clinics offer revolutionary therapies. The benefits of focusing our efforts at the mitochondrial level are transformative. When the function of these cellular dynamos are boosted, we witness a cascade of positive health impacts, which can profoundly affect our well-being and life quality.

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Welcome to HyperCharge™

At HyperCharge Clinics, we believe that health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of optimal vitality. Our revolutionary HyperCharge Method is a circuit of activities designed to maximize your wellness by targeting your cellular health at the mitochondrial level. Here’s a closer look at our transformative process and the innovative technologies we employ.

Measuring Your Progress 

  • Glycocheck Device
  • Precision Mitochondrial Analysis
  • Scientifically Validated Patient Questionnaires

HyperCharge™ Brain Health

  • Transcranial Red-Light Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy
  • NuCalm Therapy
1. Whole-Body Photobiomodulation (PBM)
Also known as "Red Light Therapy," is the apex of PBM technology. Red light therapy uses specific light wavelengths to trigger a bio-stimulatory response on your cells enhancing function and promoting accelerated healing.
2. Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
This innovative oxygen therapy ensures maximum cellular utilization by infusing your cells with highly concentrated oxygen which promotes cell function and enhances immunity while blood flow is at its maximum.
3. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
PEMF is a revolutionary wellness modality that utilizes soothing pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate and exercise the body's cells. This therapeutic device delivers a series of magnetic frequencies which dynamically interact with the cellular metabolism. The use of PEMF is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation, cellular response, tissue oxygenation, cellular detoxification, nitrification and regeneration of bone and soft tissue.
4. NanoVi Structured Water
Not as well known as some of the other modalities, is a favorite of athletes and biohackers. It is well documented that all bodily functions are carried out by proteins; and NanoVi positively impacts the consistency and arrangement of cellular protein folding. Mineral water vapor is also touted to reduce blood lactate buildup during workouts leading to faster muscle recovery, improved immunity, markers, as well as reduce inflammation.
5. Class IV Laser Treatment
Our top-of-the-line Class IV CureWave laser ensures deep penetration and optimal therapeutic effects down past the musculature into the bone and joints to provide an extreme therapeutic result. The number one choice for injury and surgical recovery, the Class IV laser generates a photochemical response at the cellular level, increasing circulation and cellular energy, while also reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. It is often used to treat acute and chronic conditions and post activity recovery by athletes. Those struggling with various stages of arthritis or other degenerative disease may also find relief. Class IV delivers up to 1,500 times more energy than lesser laser options.
Red light therapy
Laser therapy

Measuring Your Progress

We begin with two baseline tests – GlycoCheck and direct Mitochondrial Analysis – to evaluate your health status at a cellular level.

GlycoCheck assesses your microvascular health, which is a vital indicator of your overall well-being. Direct Mitochondrial Analysis precisely measures your mitochondria’s function, the powerhouses of your cells responsible for energy production.

These tests are performed every three months to monitor your progress and optimize the treatment protocol based on your specific needs. This data-driven approach allows us to ensure that the HyperCharge Method is effectively enhancing your cellular health and overall vitality.

The HyperCharge™ Method is a revolution in the pursuit of optimal wellness. We’re pioneering a new path to health and vitality rooted in cellular health by harnessing leading-edge therapies and using a data-driven approach.

Our final method of measure are our scientifically validated patient questionnaires. We personally interview and provide questionnaires to learn how you feel and compare that to the data in order to better fine tune the modalities and maximize your progress. Welcome to the future of wellness. Welcome to HyperCharge™ Clinic.

This three-pronged approach — microvascular function testing, mitochondrial biogenesis analysis, and patient questionnaires — creates an unparalleled framework for tracking each client’s progress. Here’s why it’s revolutionary:
  1. Holistic Understanding: While microvascular and mitochondrial analyses offer a window into the body’s microscopic world, patient questionnaires capture the human experience behind the data. Together, they provide a holistic view of the individual’s health journey.

  2. Optimization of Protocols: Continuous feedback via questionnaires helps us fine-tune our protocols. If a patient isn’t feeling the benefits despite positive cellular markers, we can adjust our approach. This dynamic feedback loop ensures personalized and optimized care.

  3. Research & Development: As we gather data, not just on the cellular level but also from patient feedback, we have a treasure trove of information that can drive research. We can investigate the effectiveness of different modalities, understand synergistic combinations, and continually refine our approach for better outcomes.

  4. Client Empowerment:Offering patients a platform to share their experiences empowers them. They’re not passive recipients of care but active participants, their feedback integral to shaping their health journey.

Glycocheck Device

The health of our bodies at a microscopic level is of paramount importance, dictating the overall well-being we experience daily. At the core of this microscopic world lie two pivotal elements: the microvasculature, a vast web of minuscule vessels responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells, and the mitochondria, the proverbial powerhouses driving cellular functions.

While these components may be small, they are mighty, and monitoring their health is crucial. Enter the GlycoCheck device, an avant-garde tool, purpose-built to give us a detailed view into the microvascular world, a realm often overlooked in conventional medical assessments. Through its measures of the Perfused Boundary Region (PBR) and Microvascular Perfusion (MP), the GlycoCheck provides tangible, insightful metrics into cellular health.

If we observe a wider PBR, it indicates less effective perfusion in the microvessels. A lower MP, on the other hand, hints at a decreased blood flow through these vessels. These compromised metrics suggest that cells might not receive adequate nutrients or might not be disposing of wastes efficiently. Such inefficiencies can be a clear signal of mitochondrial dysfunction.

These mitochondria are analogous to the engines in our cars; if they falter, the entire system feels the strain. Symptoms such as fatigue or other unexplained issues might arise. By scrutinizing the microvascular function, the GlycoCheck offers an insight into mitochondrial health – akin to a comprehensive check-up for our body’s cellular engines.

Once we have a baseline from the GlycoCheck, we can harness the specialized therapies at the HyperCharge Clinic, including Whole Body Red light, EWOT, PEMF, NanoVi, and Class IV laser therapy. All curated with the intent of bolstering both microvascular and mitochondrial functions, promising a profound uplift in overall health.

After undergoing these treatments, the GlycoCheck serves again as our diagnostic tool, helping map out the improvements in microvascular function. This becomes the moment of truth: tangible evidence of therapeutic success. Enhanced PBR and MP readings post-therapy are indicative of revitalized microvascular health, and by connection, improved mitochondrial function. This is not mere conjecture; it’s visible, measurable progress that patients can track and understand.

In conclusion, for those contemplating the significance of the GlycoCheck device and the treatments at HyperCharge Clinic, here’s food for thought: In an era where our health metrics are often reduced to numbers – be it blood pressure, cholesterol, or weight – isn’t it time to emphasize the numbers that matter most? Those that shed light on our cellular health? The GlycoCheck does more than just glance under your cellular hood. It provides insights, fine-tunes, and ultimately, plays an integral role in restoring optimal health.

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Mitochondrial Analysis

In the rapidly evolving realm of modern healthcare, our clinic is pioneering a transformative approach to understanding and optimizing human health at its very core—by meticulously evaluating mitochondrial function. Our utilization of precision testing to evaluate mitochondrial function in tandem with the HyperCharge protocol is groundbreaking.

Why focus on mitochondria? At the heart of every cell, these “energy factories” produce ATP, a molecule fundamental to powering nearly every cell function. Thus, how efficiently and effectively the mitochondria function can profoundly impact overall health.

The HyperCharge method is not just another treatment; it’s a revolutionary protocol designed to optimize cellular energy production. However, its efficacy is not merely based on anecdotal evidence. By precisely measuring mitochondrial function, from biogenesis markers to ATP production, we are setting a gold standard in demonstrating the tangible benefits of our protocol.

Yet, our holistic evaluation doesn’t stop there. Complementing our focus on mitochondria is our keen insight into microvascular function. Since the health of the microvasculature is intrinsically linked to mitochondrial efficiency, our ability to gauge this using tools like the GlycoCheck device provides a comprehensive view of cellular health.

When a patient walks into our clinic, we aren’t just looking at surface-level symptoms. We are delving deep into the cellular machinery, seeking to understand and optimize the interplay between microvascular health and mitochondrial function. The eventual goal? To correlate these microscopic improvements with visible, palpable clinical enhancements in our patients’ overall well-being.

In essence, our approach is emblematic of where modern medicine needs to move towards: an integration of cutting-edge technology with evidence-based treatment protocols, all aimed at a deeper understanding of health. Through our novel approach to evaluating mitochondrial function, alongside microvascular health, we’re not just treating patients; we’re enlightening them about the incredible machinery at work within them and optimizing it for a healthier future.

Scientifically Validated Questionnaires

HyperCharge Clinics stands at the forefront of integrated patient care, with a multi-faceted approach that combines cutting-edge technology, meticulous cellular evaluations, and the invaluable insights of scientifically validated patient questionnaires. The patient’s voice, their experience, and their reported outcomes are foundational to our clinic’s progressive approach.

Scientifically validated patient questionnaires offer a unique and vital perspective. While our innovative tools like the GlycoCheck device and mitochondrial analyses provide precise metrics on cellular and microvascular health, it’s the subjective feedback from our patients that paints the complete picture. By documenting how clients feel, their energy levels, their subjective experience of symptoms, and overall well-being, we can bridge the gap between quantitative cellular data and qualitative lived experiences.

HyperCharge™ Brain Health

Transcranial Red Light Helmet

At the intersection of advanced technology and neuroscience lies the Neuronic red light helmet, a groundbreaking device harnessing the power of near-infrared light to dramatically improve brain health. Whether you’re grappling with cognitive decline or simply striving to optimize your brain’s potential, this device offers transformative results.

Transcranial light helmet

The Science Behind the Light  

Near-infrared light, as emitted by the Neuronic helmet, possesses an unparalleled ability to penetrate the skull and rejuvenate brain cells. Its benefits are multifaceted:

  1. Memory Enhancement: Research published in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery exhibited that healthy adults experienced marked improvements in memory post red light therapy. This isn’t just an elixir for those with memory issues; it’s an opportunity for everyone to harness greater cognitive retention.

  2. Sharper Focus: Distractions abound in our digital age, making unwavering concentration a rare commodity. Red light therapy aids in amplifying focus and attention, granting individuals an edge in a dispersed world.

  3. Sleep Optimization: A rejuvenating night’s sleep forms the foundation of brain health. The Neuronic helmet, through its therapeutic light, streamlines sleep patterns, ensuring clients wake up refreshed and mentally agile.

  4. Pain Alleviation: Chronic pain can be debilitating, sapping one’s cognitive vitality. A study in the journal Pain unveiled red light therapy’s prowess in assuaging pain, gifting individuals relief and a return to cognitive vibrancy.

  5. Boosts Athletic Performance: Athletes require a razor-sharp mind-body connection. Enhanced blood flow, curtailed inflammation, and rapid muscle recovery due to red light therapy translate to amplified athletic performance.

Clinical Proof: The claims aren’t just anecdotal; they’re rooted in rigorous scientific research. For instance, a study in Alzheimer’s & Dementia depicted participants with mild cognitive impairment experiencing a significant upswing in memory, attention, and processing speed post red light therapy. Studies have also shown reduction in tremor in Parkinson’s disease after several weeks of treatment. This underscores the helmet’s potential not just for enhancing everyday cognitive function but also for possibly mitigating the symptoms of brain-related conditions.

The Neuronic Advantage: Given the myriad benefits and scientific backing, it’s evident that the Neuronic red light helmet isn’t merely a treatment; it’s an investment in one’s cognitive future. For those seeking concentrated brain-related therapy, this modality emerges as an invaluable tool. It transcends traditional treatments, offering an innovative approach for both those battling brain conditions and those desiring peak mental performance.

In an era where brain health is paramount, the Neuronic red light helmet pioneers a pathway to cognitive excellence, promising improved memory, focus, and overall cerebral vitality. With this treatment, we’re not just preserving brain health; we’re enhancing it.

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)

Bridging the divide between ancient understanding of vibrations and modern science, VAT offers a unique theapeutic experience with profound implications for wellness.

Resonating with Health: Vibroacoustic Therapy employs sound waves and vibrations in a synchronized manner to resonate directly with the body’s cells. The science is clear; every cell, tissue, and organ has its own frequency, and with VAT, we can harmoniously align these frequencies to promote optimal health. Here’s why VAT stands out:

  1. Stress Reduction: In today’s frenetic world, mental stressors are inescapable. VAT serves as an oasis of calm, with its harmonious vibrations offering an immediate reduction in cortisol levels, the body’s primary stress hormone.

  2. Pain Management: Pain, both chronic and acute, can be debilitating. The vibrations from VAT can penetrate deep into tissues, enhancing blood circulation and reducing muscle tension, thereby alleviating pain.

  3. Enhanced Healing: By improving blood flow and oxygenation, VAT accelerates the body’s natural healing processes, making it an excellent complementary treatment post-surgery or injury.

  4. Cognitive Boost: The brain thrives when it is in harmony. VAT aids in balancing brainwave activity, promoting clarity of thought, improved focus, and mental rejuvenation.

  5. Deep Relaxation: Beyond the immediate therapeutic benefits, VAT provides an avenue for deep relaxation, aiding in sleep quality and overall mental tranquility.

Clinical Validation: The HyperCharge Clinic’s dedication to evidence-based treatments ensures that VAT isn’t just a feel-good therapy; it’s rooted in clinical research. Studies have showcased its efficacy in treating a range of conditions from anxiety and depression to physical ailments like fibromyalgia.

The HyperCharge Advantage: With the incorporation of Vibroacoustic Therapy, the HyperCharge Clinic is not merely adhering to the latest therapeutic trend; it’s pioneering a comprehensive approach to health. Whether it’s a patient seeking relief from chronic pain, an athlete looking to expedite recovery, or anyone desiring a sanctuary of relaxation, VAT offers a solution.

In an era of medical advancement, the HyperCharge Clinic stands at the forefront, marrying traditional wisdom with avant-garde techniques. With Vibroacoustic Therapy, we invite you to immerse yourself in a symphony of healing vibrations, tapping into the body’s intrinsic rhythm of wellness. Experience healing, not just at a cellular level, but in harmony with the very essence of your being.

NuCalm Device Therapy

In our unyielding quest to deliver innovative therapies, the HyperCharge Clinic introduces the NuCalm device, a groundbreaking wearable designed to bolster cognitive function using the principles of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS). Delving deep into the intricacies of the human brain, this device promises transformative results by modulating specific brainwave activities.

Currents of Clarity: The NuCalm device, seamlessly worn as a headband, targets the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s epicenter for attention, concentration, and memory. By delivering a gentle electrical current, it facilitates a harmony in brain activity, fostering cognitive enhancements in both individuals with cognitive conditions and healthy adults.

Scientific Backing: Our emphasis on evidence-based treatments is evident with the inclusion of the NuCalm device. Here’s a glimpse into its demonstrated potential:

  1. Attention and Memory Enhancement: A study in Frontiers in Neuroscience revealed that a 5-week regimen of 20-minute daily sessions with the NuCalm device significantly improved attention and working memory in ADHD patients.

  2. Cognitive Boost in Mild Cognitive Impairment: Research from Scientific Reports indicated that a 4-week protocol using the NuCalm device for 20 minutes daily noticeably enhanced cognitive function in individuals diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.

  3. Optimized Cognitive Function in Healthy Adults: Not limited to addressing cognitive conditions, the NuCalm device was shown in a study from NeuroRegulation to improve cognitive capabilities in healthy individuals following a 4-week regimen.

While these initial studies are compelling, it is vital to recognize their preliminary nature. The NuCalm device’s potential is vast, but continued research will illuminate its full spectrum of benefits and long-term efficacy.

The NuCalm device’s integration into our therapeutic arsenal is more than an addition; it represents our commitment to pioneering treatments that embrace both cutting-edge technology and intricate human biology. Whether you’re aiming to overcome a cognitive challenge or simply seeking an enhancement in your cognitive capacities, the NuCalm device offers an electrifying avenue to achieve these goals.

Step into the future of cognitive enhancement with the NuCalm device at HyperCharge Clinic. Empower your mind, harness your potential, and chart a path toward sharper, clearer cognitive prowess.

A Little History
Mitochondrial Targeting is the Future of Modern Medicine


Our brain operates much like a complex orchestra, constantly working to harmonize its vast electrical activities. Occasionally, life’s stressors or inherent imbalances can disrupt this harmony, leading to cognitive and emotional misalignments. Neurofeedback enters as the skilled conductor, guiding the brain back into synchronized balance.

The Evidence-Based Promise of Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback’s efficacy lies in its ability to tap into the brain’s inherent adaptability. By providing real-time feedback on brain activity, it empowers the brain to recalibrate, refine, and optimize its operations, much like a targeted training regimen.

Synergy at HyperCharge: A Holistic Approach

HyperCharge’s real strength emerges from its synergistic blend of therapeutic methods. When combined with our range of brain health modalities, Neurofeedback offers even greater transformative potential. For instance:

  • The merging of Neurofeedback with our Neuronic red light therapy can amplify focus and cognitive functions, as both modalities aim to enhance neural activities in their unique ways.

  • In tandem with vibroacoustic therapy, Neurofeedback can help in harmonizing brain patterns, potentially leading to reduced anxiety and enhanced relaxation.

  • Paired with our other offerings, like the NuCalm device, Neurofeedback aids in optimizing the brain’s electrical patterns, ensuring a comprehensive approach to brain health optimization.

Broad Applications: For Every Individual

Beyond its proven effectiveness for conditions like ADHD and anxiety, Neurofeedback offers promising results for a broad spectrum of individuals. Whether you’re aiming for peak mental performance in a professional setting, seeking balance in your personal life, or simply desiring clearer cognition, Neurofeedback, especially in conjunction with HyperCharge’s holistic offerings, provides an exciting path forward.

In essence, Neurofeedback is more than a therapeutic tool; it represents HyperCharge’s dedication to pioneering brain health for everyone. We invite all to embark on this transformative journey towards achieving the pinnacle of cognitive and emotional well-being.

To appreciate the essence of our groundbreaking approach, let’s journey back to the birth of life itself. This voyage takes us to the ancient oceans, where the extraordinary story of mitochondria – the powerhouse of our cells – began.

First, the basics, mitochondria are tiny structures within our cells that act as power plants, converting nutrients into energy that cells can use, primarily through cellular respiration. This process includes multiple stages, such as the citric acid (Krebs) cycle and oxidative phosphorylation, that break down glucose and produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy source for most cellular processes. The byproducts of this process are water and carbon dioxide, which are expelled from the cells and eventually from the body.

In a simplified analogy, mitochondria function much like a power plant. Just as a power plant takes in coal or natural gas and transforms it into electricity for the city, the mitochondria take in glucose and oxygen and transform them into ATP. This energy currency powers the cell’s activities.

Mitochondria trace their lineage back to oxygen-processing bacteria that thrived when oxygen was scarce on our planet. As evolution spun its intricate web, these bacteria found themselves in a symbiotic relationship with larger cells. This bond blossomed into the formation of mitochondria as we know them today.

Don’t let their microscopic size fool you – mitochondria play a colossal role in driving life’s complexity and diversity. Their primary function lies in fuelling each cellular process that keeps us alive. Ensuring the optimal function of these cellular powerhouses is vital to maintaining our health and vigor.

Disruptions in mitochondrial function, triggered by aging, disease, or environmental influences, can lead to a spectrum of health problems. Symptoms can range from relatively minor issues like fatigue and brain fog to severe neurodegenerative disorders. The health and performance of our mitochondria significantly impact our overall well-being.


This understanding has given rise to the pioneering mission of HyperCharge Clinics. Our novel approach is designed to enhance and optimize mitochondrial function directly. The HyperCharge method encompasses Red light therapy, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), NanoVi , and Class IV Laser therapy. Each modality has been meticulously chosen for its capacity to boost mitochondrial function and, in turn, improve general health and wellness.

Our Red Light Therapy enhances cellular metabolism and ATP production, EWOT augments the oxygen supply to the mitochondria, PEMF aids cell regeneration, NanoVi assists in repairing cellular damage. At the same time, Class IV Laser therapy promotes tissue healing and reduces inflammation.

HyperCharge Clinics are at the forefront of measuring mitochondrial function in response to the HyperCharge method. Our revolutionary approach allows us to quantify improvements in mitochondrial function, correlating these enhancements with the impact of our treatment modalities.

At HyperCharge, we aim to go beyond merely treating symptoms. We delve into the cellular and molecular origins of health issues, focusing on revitalizing the age-old energy factories within our cells. In doing so, we aspire to augment overall vitality, lessen disease burdens, and elevate the quality of life. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey into the realm of mitochondrial health, unlocking the full potential of cellular healing and wellness.

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