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  • “Founded by medical doctors, HyperCharge Wellness Clinic utilizes advanced biomodulation technologies administered by trained technicians, with customized programs by our licensed healthcare providers to enhance your well-being.”

    No matter the condition or symptom, if you are not feeling your very best, consider the personalized treatment strategies at HyperCharge Clinic to turn your life around.

    As Seen On Kare 11

  • Our client said it best - "HyperCharge is Hope"

    No matter the condition or symptom, if you are not feeling your very best, consider the personalized treatment strategies at HyperCharge Clinic to turn your life around.

    As Seen On Kare 11

As Seen On Kare 11

How it works

The 5 Pillars Process

Our unique HyperCharge™ Method integrates five state-of-the-art technologies, which have been sequenced for optimal benefit. Upon arriving at the clinic, you will first experience the NanoVi and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapies. We couple these two treatments to induce a sense of calm throughout your entire body. In addition, they work synergistically and are delivered simultaneously to stimulate cell repair, detoxification, reduction of oxidative stress and enhance energy production at the mitochondrial level.

Enjoy your own state-of-the-art HyperCharge Process Room while you experience your Cellular Hypercharge session. Following your PEMF and Structured water treatment, you will progress to the Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) and/or (PBM) Light Therapy stages. The EWOT invigorates your body with highly concentrated oxygen, promoting cell function, enhancing immunity, increasing VO2 max and supporting overall well-being. Red Light Therapy is FDA-approved for pain relief and uses specific light wavelengths to trigger a bio-stimulatory effect on your cells, encouraging improved cell function and promoting healing.

Last but not least, Class IV Laser Therapy will be administered directly to an area of pain, injury or post-operative area in a separate laser room. This powerful laser accelerates tissue repair, reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes the growth of new blood vessels.

A woman sitting on a lounge chair
A person getting a laser on their leg
A red light therapy room
A woman sitting in a chair
A person with a oxygen mask and a machine
A person with a oxygen mask and a machine

HyperCharge Clinic Services

Why HyperCharge™ Clinic?

Life is Powered by Energy. At HyperCharge Clinic, We Restore the Human Battery to Reboot Vitality, Health and Performance. We specialize in optimizing health and longevity, combating symptoms of chronic disease by treating the cause at the source, the cellular level of the body. Dr. Stefano Sinicropi and Tram Holloway have made it their mission to revolutionize healthcare by focusing on the proactive wellness care of the whole person rather than the traditional sick-care model of medicine. We believe that HyperCharge is the hope people have been seeking for medication-free solutions to pain, optimal health and vitality, and sports recovery.

Treatment Benefits

Athletic Performance
Healing and Recovery
Energy and Vitality
Disease Resistance
Post-COVID Management
Post-Surgical Recovery
Wound Health
Boost Brain Health
Chronic Disease Management
Addiction Management
Detoxify the Body
Better Blood Flow Oxidation
Osteoporosis, Arthritis & Spine Dysfunction
Our Client Reviews , Testimonials
Our Client Reviews , Testimonials
08:43 25 Apr 24
Very bad service
Imam SkImam Sk
14:22 16 Apr 24
Ahmad KhademzadehAhmad Khademzadeh
22:25 05 Mar 24
Lol.... scammer
Helen CallowayHelen Calloway
22:24 05 Mar 24
Ismail Hossain EmonIsmail Hossain Emon
04:01 07 Nov 23
Best service Provider
12:47 02 Jun 17
Fuel quality good
Theo RossTheo Ross
17:26 10 Apr 24
I enjoyed my treatments. Staff was phenomenal. I started to feel better from day one. I am proud to have work with my Nephew Tram great work!! Keep it up guys!!!🙂
Reena NwachukwuReena Nwachukwu
20:38 15 Mar 24
Helps manage my cramps and soreness after physical activity!
N BoldenN Bolden
02:39 09 Feb 24
10/10 experience, state of the art equipment, amazing staff. If you’re an athlete you need to be getting top of the line rehab and this is the best place you can go to in the United States.🌟
Michael GMichael G
18:36 08 Feb 24
After regularly going to HyperCharge clinic, I’ve felt more grounded and energized. I have noticed a difference in my sleeping patterns and feeling more rested in the mornings. Laser therapy on my knees has helped take away the aches that I was having. As a professional athlete I am constantly training and the laser therapy has eliminated the inflammation and aches that come from the consistent wear on my knees. The clinic is amazing from top down; great staff, soothing environment highly recommend.
Benjamin HeimerlBenjamin Heimerl
13:30 08 Feb 24
Just one treatment and I was able to get out of bed, with little to no back pain, for the first time in years.
Chanda JankeChanda Janke
03:46 25 Jan 24
My daughter injured her ankle playing basketball, and Tram's treatments were second to none. He got her back playing so much quicker than we ever thought she would. We had the same results with my son, who has gotten treatments from Tram with his football and basketball injuries. The service is amazing--Tram truly cares about his clients and his knowledge about highly effective treatments are so beneficial--we are lucky to have this option. Highly recommend Tram and his team.
Meredith KleinMeredith Klein
20:47 12 Dec 23
My daughter had persistent pain from a broken big that kept her in her boot and sidelined from activities. After one session she was out of the boot and 10 days later, with multiple non-invasive treatments she was back to running, jumping and competing with her volleyball team. I highly recommend Tram and his well researched, accessible healing options that are tailored to your body's needs.
Sean K. JensenSean K. Jensen
15:48 06 Dec 23
Could not recommend HyperCharge Clinic more! My 16-year-old son sustained a hamstring injury, and Tram aggressively treated it. My son basically missed just a week of practices, when others told us he'd be out 3-plus weeks. I also went in once with a throbbing headache (I rarely get them), and several employees were eager to have me try a few of the treatments. After 30 minutes, I felt clear-minded and energized! Can't wait for new locations closer to home to open!
Mary Ann FlandersMary Ann Flanders
21:21 21 Nov 23
Nothing but impressed! My daughter has CRPS in her foot and we could tell after just one visit that laser treatment is what was going to put her back in sports and living normally. She has been on medication and going to physical therapy for over a year with no results. She left the first HyperCharge visit in no pain! Tram educated us and quickly backed it up with proven success. We are over the moon about this and highly recommend Tram and his team at HyperCharge Clinic!

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