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Every athlete, irrespective of their level, constantly strives for excellence, seeking to maximize their performance and reduce recovery time. At HyperCharge Clinic, we blend leading-edge scientific methodologies with advanced treatment modalities to assist athletes — from promising high school individuals to elite professionals — in achieving their peak performance and swift recovery. Delve deeper into the robust scientific basis behind our pioneering therapies:

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Red Light Therapy

Supported by Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, red light therapy is proven to improve muscle endurance, reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, and expedite post-exercise recuperation, making it indispensable for athletes pushing their physical limits.

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PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

As described in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, PEMF is renowned for its ability to enhance muscle recovery, diminish inflammation, and elevate athletic performance.

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EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy)

By increasing oxygen delivery to tissues during exertion, EWOT has been scientifically linked to improved stamina and recovery, proving essential for athletes aiming for sustained high performance.

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Counteracting athletic oxidative stress, NanoVi plays a pivotal role in promoting cell repair and regeneration, ensuring an athlete’s efficient recovery trajectory.

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Transcranial PBM (Photobiomodulation)

Beyond cognitive improvements, this therapy fortifies focus, accelerates reaction time, and amplifies mental endurance — all quintessential in competitive sports.

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Vital for brain conditioning, neurofeedback steers the brain towards optimal performance, assisting athletes in achieving unmatched concentration, controlling performance anxiety, and refining their competitive mental framework.

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Recovery Solutions

Class IV Laser Therapy

Undoubtedly, the cornerstone for athletic injury recovery. Class IV Laser Therapy stands out due to its transformative healing capabilities. Research from the and other prominent scientific publications elucidate its unparalleled efficacy in injury management. By penetrating deeper into tissues than other therapeutic modalities, it stimulates cellular activity, promoting rapid tissue repair, staunchly reducing inflammation, and mitigating pain. The results? A significantly reduced recovery timeframe, ensuring athletes are game-ready sooner. This modality is especially pivotal for athletes dealing with acute injuries, allowing for an accelerated healing process and return to play with confidence.

Red Light Therapy, PEMF

Indispensable for moderating muscle soreness, curbing inflammation, and kickstarting the body’s inherent healing mechanisms.

EWOT & NanoVi

Collectively, these modalities amplify rapid tissue rejuvenation, allowing athletes to bounce back swiftly from strenuous workouts and intense competitive scenarios.


In contact-intensive sports, neurofeedback emerges as a critical instrument in concussion recovery, safeguarding optimal cerebral health and function.