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What is REMS?

REMS (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry) is a non-invasive and painless technology that utilizes sound waves and radiofrequency analysis to measure bone health. Unlike traditional methods, REMS offers unique advantages:

  • No Radiation Exposure: Safe for women of all ages, including those who may be pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Quick and Easy Scans: Typically completed within minutes, making it convenient for busy schedules.
  • Detailed Bone Analysis: Provides insights beyond traditional bone mineral density (BMD) measurements.
  • Early Detection: May identify bone health concerns before symptoms arise.
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    REMS vs. Traditional Methods

    REMS offers distinct advantages over other bone assessment techniques

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    DXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry)

    The gold standard, but involves radiation exposure and may not be suitable for all women.

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    Quantitative CT (QCT)

    Offers detailed information, but comes with higher radiation exposure and expense.

    REMS vs. Traditional Methods

    REMS offers distinct advantages over other bone assessment techniques

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    1 in 2 women over 50 will experience a bone fracture:


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    Osteoporosis affects 25 million people in the US, 80% of whom are women:


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    Bone loss accelerates after menopause:


    Beyond Diagnosis: Treatment Options

    Unfortunately, current treatment options often focus on managing bone loss, not necessarily reversal. REMS provides a crucial advantage:

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    Objective Data for Personalized Care:

    The detailed information from REMS scans helps healthcare professionals create individualized treatment plans. This could include:

  •  Nutritional guidance
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Medication adjustments
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    Reversal and Improved Quality of Life

    With early detection and a personalized approach, women can potentially reverse bone loss and improve their long-term health. REMS empowers women to:

  • Take a proactive role in bone health
  • Reduce fracture risk
  • Maintain an active lifestyle
  • Measuring Your Progress

    We begin with two baseline tests – GlycoCheck and direct Mitochondrial Analysis – to evaluate your health status at a cellular level.

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    GlycoCheck is a comprehensive assessment tool that evaluates the health of your microvasculature, which plays a critical role in maintaining overall well-being. This assessment provides valuable insights into the functioning of your small blood vessels, which are essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues throughout the body.

    Direct Mitochondrial Analysis is a sophisticated testing method that accurately measures the functionality of your mitochondria, the cellular organelles responsible for generating energy. By analyzing the performance of these energy powerhouses, this analysis offers valuable information about your cellular health and metabolic efficiency.

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    Our approach is centered on you. These tests, conducted every three months, are tailored to monitor your progress and customize the treatment protocol to your specific needs. This personalized, data-driven approach ensures that the HyperCharge Method significantly enhances cellular health and overall vitality.

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    The HyperCharge™ Method stands at the forefront of a wellness revolution. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of optimal health and vitality through an innovative focus on cellular wellness. Our approach integrates advanced therapies and utilizes data-driven strategies to pave the way for a new standard of well-being.

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    Our final method of measure is our scientifically validated patient questionnaires. We personally interview and provide questionnaires to learn how you feel and compare that to the data in order to better fine tune the modalities and maximize your progress. Welcome to the future of wellness. Welcome to HyperCharge™ Clinic.

    Tracking Progress

    Our three-pronged approach (microvascular function testing, mitochondrial biogenesis analysis, and patient questionnaires) creates an unparalleled framework for tracking each client’s progress. Here’s why it’s revolutionary:

    Holistic Understanding

    While microvascular and mitochondrial analyses offer a window into the body's microscopic world, patient questionnaires capture the human experience behind the data. Together, they provide a holistic view of the individual's health journey.

    Research & Development

    As we gather data, not just on the cellular level but also from patient feedback, we have a treasure trove of information that can drive research. We can investigate the  approach for better outcomes.

    Client Empowerment

    Offering patients a platform to share their experiences empowers them. They're not passive recipients of care but active participants, their feedback integral to shaping their health journey.

    Optimization of Protocols

    Continuous feedback via questionnaires helps us fine-tune our protocols. If a patient isn't feeling the benefits despite positive cellular markers, we can adjust our approach. This dynamic feedback loop ensures personalized and optimized care.

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    REMS bone scan technology is a game-changer in women’s bone health management. By offering a safe, efficient, and informative approach, REMS empowers women to take control of their bone health and improve their overall well-being.

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