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Post Surgical Recovery

The Power of Pre-Surgical Optimization with the 5 Pillars

Surgery is a significant event in anyone’s life, and the journey to recovery begins well before stepping into the operating room. It’s imperative to acknowledge that surgical success isn’t solely determined by the procedure itself. Pre-operative optimization and post-operative care are equally crucial. By harnessing the power of evidence-backed treatments, patients can significantly enhance their readiness for surgery and accelerate their post-operative recovery.

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Cellular Preparedness

Cellular Preparedness whole Body Photobiomodulation (PBM) primes cellular health, ensuring every cell operates at its peak efficiency, fostering resilience and vibrancy.

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Maximized Cellular Function

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) accelerates natural body processes. This optimization improves nutrient absorption and oxygen utilization, preparing the body’s robust response post-operation.

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Targeted Pain Management

Class IV Laser Therapy offers precise pain relief, creating a conducive environment for surgical preparation.

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Boosted Oxygen Levels

Enhanced oxygen levels from EWOT therapy, especially in the harder to reach tissues, is a key determinant for swift healing.

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Bio-Identical Rejuvenation

NanoVi technology enhances the body’s natural repair processes, ensuring you’re at your best as you approach surgery.

Groundbreaking Diagnostics:

One of the cornerstones of HyperCharge™ is our proprietary system focusing on the study of microvasculature and mitochondrial function. Unlike other health clinics, our specialized tools and methodologies provide unparalleled insight into these critical health markers. By understanding your body at a microscopic level, we can tailor treatments that are not just effective but groundbreaking.

The Surgical Mantra: Preparation Meets Precision

Surgery is a component of a more significant journey. A comprehensive approach, combining surgical expertise with the Five Pillars of pre and post-operative care, ensures optimal results. Drawing upon the latest scientific research, these modalities are recommended not as alternatives but as vital complements to surgical intervention.

For patients embarking on their surgical journey or those navigating the recovery phase, these treatments present a transformative pathway. The combination of these modalities ensures the road to recovery is not just shorter but also smoother. Prioritize comprehensive care, and choose to optimize, recover, and thrive.

Recovery Solutions

Class IV Laser Therapy

Undoubtedly, the cornerstone for athletic injury recovery. Class IV Laser Therapy stands out due to its transformative healing capabilities. Research from the and other prominent scientific publications elucidate its unparalleled efficacy in injury management. By penetrating deeper into tissues than other therapeutic modalities, it stimulates cellular activity, promoting rapid tissue repair, staunchly reducing inflammation, and mitigating pain. The results? A significantly reduced recovery timeframe, ensuring athletes are game-ready sooner. This modality is especially pivotal for athletes dealing with acute injuries, allowing for an accelerated healing process and return to play with confidence.

Red Light Therapy, PEMF

Indispensable for moderating muscle soreness, curbing inflammation, and kickstarting the body’s inherent healing mechanisms.

EWOT & NanoVi

Collectively, these modalities amplify rapid tissue rejuvenation, allowing athletes to bounce back swiftly from strenuous workouts and intense competitive scenarios.


In contact-intensive sports, neurofeedback emerges as a critical instrument in concussion recovery, safeguarding optimal cerebral health and function.