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Measuring Your Progress

Prove the Science - Diagnostics Give Insight on How to Customize to your Needs

To ensure that our therapies are making a tangible impact on your health, we measure the progress using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. We begin with two baseline tests – GlycoCheck and direct  Mitochondrial Analysis – to evaluate your health status at a cellular level.

GlycoCheck: assesses your microvascular health, which is a vital indicator of your overall well-being. Direct Mitochondrial Analysis precisely measures your mitochondria’s function, the powerhouses of your cells responsible for energy production.

These tests are performed every three months to monitor your progress and optimize the treatment protocol based on your specific needs. This data-driven approach allows us to ensure that the HyperCharge Method is effectively enhancing your cellular health and overall vitality.


The Purpose of the Glycocheck Device

The health of our bodies at a microscopic level is of paramount importance, dictating the overall well-being we experience daily. At the core of this microscopic world lie two pivotal elements: the microvasculature, a vast web of minuscule vessels responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells, and the  mitochondria, the proverbial powerhouses driving cellular functions.

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While these components may be small, they are mighty, and monitoring their health is crucial. Enter the GlycoCheck device, an avant-garde tool, purpose-built to give us a detailed view into the microvascular world, a realm often overlooked in conventional medical assessments. Through its measures of the Perfused Boundary Region (PBR) and Microvascular Perfusion (MP), the GlycoCheck provides tangible, insightful metrics into cellular health.

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If we observe a wider PBR, it indicates less effective perfusion in the microvessels. A lower MP, on the other hand, hints at a decreased blood flow through these vessels. These compromised metrics suggest that cells might not receive adequate nutrients or might not be disposing of wastes efficiently. Such inefficiencies can be a clear signal of mitochondrial dysfunction.

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These mitochondria are analogous to the engines in our cars; if they falter, the entire system feels the strain. Symptoms such as fatigue or other unexplained issues might arise. By scrutinizing the microvascular function, the GlycoCheck offers an insight into mitochondrial health – akin to a comprehensive check-up for our body’s cellular engines.

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Once we have a baseline from the GlycoCheck, we can harness the specialized therapies at the HyperCharge Clinic, including Whole Body Red light, EWOT, PEMF, NanoVi, and class IV laser therapy. All curated with the intent of bolstering both microvascular and mitochondrial functions, promising a profound uplift in overall health.

A circle with the number five inside it, representing the numeral 5.

After undergoing these treatments, the GlycoCheck serves again as our diagnostic tool, helping map out the improvements in microvascular function. This becomes the moment of truth: tangible evidence of therapeutic success. Enhanced PBR and MP readings post-therapy are indicative of revitalized microvascular health, and by connection, improved mitochondrial function. This is not mere conjecture; it’s visible, measurable progress that patients can track and understand.

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In conclusion, for those contemplating the significance of the GlycoCheck device and the treatments at HyperCharge Clinic, here’s food for thought: In an era where our health metrics are often reduced to numbers – be it blood pressure, cholesterol, or weight – isn’t it time to emphasize the numbers that matter most? Those that shed light on our cellular health? The GlycoCheck does more than just glance under your cellular hood. It provides insights, fine-tunes, and ultimately, plays an integral role in restoring optimal health.

Aging & Longevity

Mitochondrial Analysis

In the rapidly evolving realm of modern healthcare, our clinic is pioneering a transformative approach to understanding and optimizing human health at its very core—by meticulously evaluating mitochondrial function. Our utilization of precision testing to evaluate mitochondrial function in tandem with the HyperCharge™ Clinic protocol is groundbreaking.

Transcranial Red Light Helmet

At the intersection of advanced technology and neuroscience lies the Neuronic red light helmet, a groundbreaking device harnessing the power of near-infrared light to dramatically improve brain health. Whether you’re grappling with cognitive decline or simply striving to optimize your brain’s potential, this device offers transformative results.

This three-pronged approach — microvascular function testing, mitochondrial biogenesis analysis, and patient questionnaires — creates an unparalleled framework for tracking each client’s progress. Here’s why it’s revolutionary:

Holistic Understanding

While microvascular and mitochondrial analyses offer a window into the body’s microscopic world, patient questionnaires capture the human experience behind the data. Together, they provide a holistic view of the individual’s health journey.

Optimization of Protocols

Continuous feedback via questionnaires helps us fine-tune our protocols. If a patient isn’t feeling the benefits despite positive cellular markers, we can adjust our approach. This dynamic feedback loop ensures personalized and optimized care.

Research & Development

As we gather data, not just on the cellular level but also from patient feedback, we have a treasure trove of information that can drive research. We can investigate the effectiveness of different modalities, understand synergistic combinations, and continually refine our approach for better outcomes.

Client Empowerment

Offering patients a platform to share their experiences empowers them. They’re not passive recipients of care but active participants, their feedback integral to shaping their health journey.

Why focus on mitochondria?

At the heart of every cell, these “energy factories” produce ATP, a molecule fundamental to powering nearly every cell function. Thus, how efficiently and effectively the mitochondria function can profoundly impact overall health. The HyperCharge method is a revolutionary protocol designed to optimize cellular energy production. However, its efficacy is not merely based on anecdotal evidence. By precisely measuring mitochondrial function, from biogenesis markers to ATP production, we are setting a gold standard in demonstrating the tangible benefits of our protocol.

Yet, our holistic evaluation doesn’t stop there. Complementing our focus on mitochondria is our keen insight into microvascular function. Since the health of the microvasculature is intrinsically linked to mitochondrial efficiency, our ability to gauge this using the GlycoCheck device provides a comprehensive view of cellular health.

When a patient walks into our clinic, we aren’t just looking at surface-level symptoms. We are delving deep into the cellular machinery, seeking to understand and optimize the interplay between microvascular health and mitochondrial function. The eventual goal? To correlate these microscopic improvements with visible, palpable clinical enhancements in our patients’ overall well-being.

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Scientifically Validated Questionnaires

HyperCharge™ Clinic stands at the forefront of integrated patient care, with a multi-faceted approach that combines revolutionary wellness technology, meticulous cellular evaluations, and the invaluable insights of scientifically validated patient questionnaires. The patient’s voice, their experience, and their reported outcomes are foundational to our clinic’s progressive approach.

Scientifically validated patient questionnaires offer a unique and vital perspective. While our innovative tools like the GlycoCheck device and mitochondrial analyses provide precise metrics on cellular and microvascular health, it’s the subjective feedback from our patients that paints the complete picture. By documenting how clients feel, their energy levels, their subjective experience of symptoms, and overall well-being, we can bridge the gap between quantitative cellular data and qualitative lived experiences.