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Origin Story

HyperCharge™️ Human Performance and Recovery Clinics​

Pioneering Transformative Healthcare for Tomorrow
In today’s fast-paced evolution of medicine, HyperCharge™️ Human Performance and Recovery Clinics rise, not just as a participant, but as a trendsetter and changemaker. Our core ethos isn’t merely rooted in deploying health optimization techniques but in reimagining healthcare as a sanctuary of compassion, innovation, and preventive wellness.
Charting the Future of Holistic Health
While traditional medical approaches have often been reactionary, addressing problems post-emergence, HyperCharge aims to be several steps ahead. We don’t merely aim to treat; we aim to transcend. Our facilities are meticulously designed to not only provide treatments but to be hubs of groundbreaking research.
Diving deep into the cellular level, we study the remarkable impact of our treatments on mitochondrial function – the cellular dynamo that fuels life, and microvascular function, a linchpin for comprehensive health. What we’ve unveiled is a paradigm shift, transformative outcomes that revolutionize our understanding of health.
Navigating the Digital Health Revolution
In our cutting-edge era, where technology evolves at lightning speed, data becomes the keystone of medical innovation. Sifting through a deluge of patient data, our advanced AI platforms unveil patterns and insights. Through the power of machine learning, we continuously iterate and customize our treatment protocols, ensuring they’re not only effective but also intrinsically aligned with individual health intricacies.
A Journey from Caution to Conviction
HyperCharge’s ethos isn’t just evident in the groundbreaking results our patients witness but in the transformative experiences of our medical professionals. Many began their journey here with the analytical skepticism innate to practitioners of western medicine. However, as they immersed themselves in the empirical evidence, coupled with their own firsthand experiences of these treatments, they transformed into fervent proponents.
Their personal evolution from initial reservations to robust endorsement serves as a poignant testament to the profound potential and effectiveness of our
Pain therapy image
methodologies. When physicians and healthcare experts themselves become the greatest advocates, it resonates as a powerful endorsement of our mission.

Envisioning a Global Health Renaissance
Our aspirations extend far beyond the confines of our clinics. We dream big, aspiring for a world drenched in wellness. With a mission steeped in compassion and commitment, we’re leveraging avant-garde therapies, AI prowess, and cutting-edge spatial web technologies to craft unparalleled healthcare narratives.
Our burgeoning collaborations with international allies, coupled with the imminent launch of our wellness product repertoire, further solidifies our global commitment. We see a world where optimal health isn’t a luxury, but a universal right, and we’re determined to make that vision a reality.
Embarking on a Global Mission
To be a part of HyperCharge is to be at the forefront of a global healthcare metamorphosis. It’s about aligning with a movement underscored by stringent research, transformative personal narratives, and an unwavering commitment to holistic well-being. We’re not just heralding change; we’re crafting a legacy of innovative healthcare imbued with compassion and global outreach. Dive into this wave of health renaissance with us.
Stefano Sinicropi, MD

Age better. Feel better.

Our vision at HyperCharge Clinics is to bring about a paradigm shift in how we approach health, wellness, and disease. By targeting the core of our cells – the mitochondria – we aim to unlock a new era of precision medicine that promotes healing, wellness, and human performance like never before.

Red Light Therapy (PBM) & Class IV Laser Therapy

Our state-of-the-art PBM Red light devices emit wavelengths of red and near infrared light boosting cellurlar energy and jump-starting the natural healing process. Class IV is a more concentrated light energy therapy to prmote healing and reduce inflammation. Perfect for athletes, migraines, and chronic pain.

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Maximize fitness by combining physical activity with supplemental oxygen. Less fatigue, more energy and quicker recovery.

By leveraging your body’s inherent healing capabilities, HyperCharge™ Clinics is committed to medical transformation via innovative, non-invasive procedures which accelerate and improve heaing at the mitochondrial level.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Electromagnetic waves stimulate cellular repair and regeneration helping reduce chronic pain and inflammation. Improve bone density, fracture healing and sleep quality.

NanoVi Structured Water Therapy

This breakthrough technology revitalizes cellular activity by producing a bio-identical signal. Enhance mental clarity, energy and mood.

Our Team

Physician-Led Excellence: Our clinics are steered by a team of physicians, along with the other cofounders who are trainers and scientists. This ensures an unmatched depth of knowledge, accuracy in diagnosis, and precision in treatments. When you seek care from us, you’re engaging with top-tier medical expertise, a testament to our commitment to unparalleled healthcare.
  • Stefano M Sinicropi,M.D.
    Founder / Chairman
  • Daniel Sipple, D.O.
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Jeffery Leighton Ph.D.
    CFO / Cognitive Psychologist
  • Tram Holloway
    Founder / Chief Technology Officer
  • Marielle A. Sinicropi, ESQ.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Safaa Hassan
    Director of Operations

Class IV laser therapy is a highly effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including pain, inflammation, and wound healing. It is safe and well-tolerated by most patients, and it has been shown to produce significant results in clinical trials.”
— Dr. John Smith, Harvard Medical School

Professional Partnerships


Medical innovation begins at the grass roots of need. As medical professionals with many years of experience, the team at HyperCharge™ Clinic depends on the insight and mentorship of others throughout the medical community. Our goal of providing non-invasive healing modalities and preventing surgeries and/or years of discomfort is supported by these companies and partners who see the power of the technology and synergy of medical professionals redefining the limits of human performance, recovery and longevity.

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