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Healing at the Mitochondrial Level

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Disruptions in mitochondrial function, triggered by aging, disease, or environmental influences, can lead to a spectrum of health problems. Symptoms can range from relatively minor issues like fatigue and brain fog to severe neurodegenerative disorders. The health and performance of our mitochondria significantly impact our overall well-being.

This understanding has given rise to the pioneering mission of HyperCharge Clinics. Our novel approach is designed to enhance and optimize mitochondrial function directly.

The HyperCharge method encompasses Red light therapy, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), NanoVi , and Class IV Laser therapy. Each modality has been meticulously chosen for its capacity to boost mitochondrial function and, in turn, improve general health and wellness.

Our Red Light Therapy enhances cellular metabolism and ATP production, EWOT augments the oxygen supply to the mitochondria, PEMF aids cell regeneration, NanoVi assists in repairing cellular damage. At the same time, Class IV Laser therapy promotes tissue healing and reduces inflammation.

HyperCharge Clinics are at the forefront of measuring mitochondrial function in response to the HyperCharge method. Our revolutionary approach allows us to quantify improvements in mitochondrial function, correlating these enhancements with the impact of our treatment modalities.

cycle modality

Red Light, Class IV Laser, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, NanoVi Structured Water Therapy, and Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Red light therapy

Red Light Therapy works through the skin down into the subcataneous layer; while Class IV Laser reaches through skin, subcataneous, muscle, joints and bone for ultimate cell rejuvenation.

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