From Fracture To Flourish

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Ah, the ice-fishing trip from hell. I was 56 years old, off on an ice fishing adventure with my husband and two of my boys. We’d found our spot, parked the fish house, and got to work moving our gear inside. The resort had cleared each space on the ice, creating towering mounds of snow on either side.


With a big bin stacked high with blankets, I headed towards the fish house entrance. I stomped on what I thought was a patch of fluffy snow in my path. (you can probably guess where this is going) and before I knew it, my foot slid off the edge and I heard a sickening crack.


Pain exploded through my ankle, and I couldn’t help but let out a yell that probably scared away every fish within a mile. My husband and sons rushed to my side, helping me hobble into the fish house. I sat stoically and tried to tough it out over the next three days, but every time I had to walk, each step was excruciating.


Back in the Cities, I went to Urgent Care. The verdict? Broken. Surgery was needed, and suddenly, my life was revolving around a stupid little scooter that carried me everywhere.


It was during those days of scooting around, feeling more frustrated than ever, that I heard about HyperCharge. I wanted to give myself the best chance of being normal again so I decided to give them a call.


I wasn’t entirely convinced this would even work. Slowly but surely, the pain began to ease up. I could actually feel the healing happening, like some invisible army was at work. My scar seemed to diminish and I was beginning to feel more hopeful I would get full use of my ankle again.


As the days went by, I started to notice a real difference. HyperCharge’s laser therapy was living up to the hype, accelerating my healing like I couldn’t believe. I was getting back to myself, step by step, thanks to HyperCharge.


The ice-fishing mishap had thrown a major curveball my way, but HyperCharge had me back in the game. Who would’ve thought that a little laser therapy could make such a difference? Life has its ways of surprising you, and sometimes, it’s in the most unexpected places – like a clinic that uses technology and science to accelerate healing. Gotta love it.

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