7 Tips For Better Stress Management

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Stress is a normal part of our lives, and while stress can sometimes serve as a motivating factor, it can also have some negative effects on our health. It’s impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life, but there are plenty of things you can do to reduce its impact on your body and mind. In today’s blog, we share some simple tips for helping you better manage different sources of stress.

Healthy Ways To Manage Stress

There are countless forms of stress, so there’s no guarantee that any or all of the following tips will work for your specific situation. With that said, we’re confident that if you really pursue some of the advice below, you’ll become more confident in your ability to manage stress in a healthy manner when it develops.

  1. Deep Breathing Techniques – Focusing on your breathing pattern and working to take deep and relaxed breaths can help to calm your body’s nervous system. Controlled breathing can work to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, in turn reducing the amount of stress hormones in the bloodstream.
  2. Meditation – Meditation and relaxation practices can also help to limit the amount of stress hormones in our body, but it is also essential for helping us reframe how we think about sources of stress. Working to reframe how you view sources of stress can limit their impact on your body. Instead of stressing out over an assignment or work deadlines, reframe them as an opportunity to challenge yourself and show your depth and understanding of the task. Always try to look on the bright side of sources of stress, and use meditation periods to reframe how you view these stressors in your mind.
  3. Fuel Your Body – Sometimes when we’re stressed, we fall into bad dietary habits. Eating a bunch of junk food can be pro-inflammatory and lead to a sugar rush and a subsequent crash. Instead, challenge yourself to eat more healthily when stressed to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to perform vital functions.
  4. Exercise – Being active is incredibly effective when it comes to stress management. Not only can regular exercise help to take your mind off what’s causing you stress, but it also leads to the production of feel good hormones in your brain called endorphins. These can naturally fill you with a sense of calm and relaxation, making exercise a great option for those looking to manage stress.
  5. Limit Screen Time – Oftentimes it can be helpful to unplug and unwind if you’re feeling stressed. Social media can be filled with doom and gloom, or it can paint an unrealistic picture of the lives of others, which can potentially make users feel like they’re falling behind their peers. Social media can oftentimes bring about more stress, so limit your screen time if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.
  6. Connect With Loved Ones – Sometimes catching up with friends or family can help you manage new or difficult sources of stress. Stress can be an isolating experience, but you won’t feel alone if you reach out to those who support you. Consider connecting with a friend or loved one when you’re feeling stressed.
  7. Let HyperCharge Help – Finally, if you want professional assistance managing different sources of stress, let the team at HyperCharge Clinic lend a hand. Many of our rejuvenation techniques can help to target the underlying sources of stress. Physical pain or joint discomfort can be a constant source of stress, but you can work to alleviate these symptoms through different treatments like red light therapy or whole body photobiomodulation. We can improve the health of your body on a cellular level, and when your cells are functioning more optimally, they can better handle the impact stress has on your body. Let us show you how the team at HyperCharge can give you the tools to effectively manage stress on your own.

For more tips on stress management, or for help with a different physical issue, reach out to the team at HyperCharge Clinic today at (612) 440-0513.

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